Designs and manufactures moulds for parts of various configurations

Designs and manufactures moulds for parts

Our company designs and manufactures moulds for parts of various configurations, followed by plastic, elastomer, and RTI moulds according to customer samples, sketches, drawings or 3D models.

Modern equipment and the extensive experience of our specialists make it possible to produce and repair moulds of almost any complexity. Upon completion of the work, we carry out tests and, if necessary, finalize and finish processing.

In addition to the high quality of the molds, our company guarantees tight deadlines and competitive prices for services.

Production of printed circuit boards

Production of unilateral and bilateral printed circuit boards of all types. Manufacture of boards of any complexity. Accuracy of manufacture - up to class 6. Mass production and prototypes.

SMD and DIP assembly of printed circuit boards, large and small production volumes, including the production of prototypes.

What affects the cost of printed circuit boards

Both single and batch production is available. The final price will depend on the following factors:

  • the size of the printed circuit board;
  • material used and number of layers;
  • thickness of material and copper;
  • PCB accuracy class;
  • batch volume.

Production of printed circuit boards

The Company provides its customers with advantageous terms of payment delivery while maintaining high quality.

You can contact our managers to clarify all the details.